Bring on the New Year!

A Review of 2012, a Preview of 2013

Issues affecting condominium communities are often complex and always changing, as exemplified by the news in 2012.  At GSL, we try to deal with issues before they become problems, and we also try to learn from the past.  Throughout our service area, we are proud to take a leadership role in our industry, whether it is sponsoring CAI and NE Condominium Expos, hosting seminars, serving on legislative action committees in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, tracking new regulations, or writing commentaries on a myriad of topics that affect our clients and colleagues.

Key to our approach is serving as a resource to you, and a major initiative in 2012 was developing a new GSL website with an informative blog, featuring posts that typically coincided with industry news.  Looking back, we thought it would be helpful to review some of last year’s industry highlights with links to our blog posts and related articles.  What follows are seasonal spotlights, starting with a piece last December about why associations shouldn’t take shortcuts and ending with an announcement this week about our Rhode Island office move.  In between, we cover everything from smoking offenders to sexual offenders, dog days to pool days, mulch to music, loans to liens, the FHA to the SJC.

Here’s our review with links to all:





And finally, this breaking news:

Looking ahead, we at GSL anticipate another busy year in which we counsel clients in dealing with major new regulations as well as ongoing, everyday concerns.  To help you make sense of your legal issues, we pledge to continue our personal approach and be even more responsive in terms of writing articles, giving seminars, and generally looking out for your best interests!
To all of our valued clients and friends, Happy New Year!
Throughout the year, it’s a good idea to stay on top of industry news and plan solutions in advance.  May we also suggest that you save this e-bulletin for future reference, should one of these issues hit home.  As always, we’re here to be your informant and advocate. For more info and to contact us, click here.