GSL Video Series – The Client Privilege

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The Client Privilege

Continuing GSL’s longstanding leadership as an industry educator, a new educational video series called “The Client Privilege” has been released. The eight videos address the full spectrum of hot button topics like medical marijuana use, sex offenders, noise, workman’s compensation, insurance coverage, board responsibilities and meeting protocol, lien enforcement, as well as association rules and regulations. The video presentations, each averaging 3-to-4 minutes long, were created and produced by the three GSL partners, Henry Goodman, Ellen Shapiro and Frank Lombardi.


Ellen Shapiro, Henry Goodman & Frank Lombardi – Contract Basics


Ellen Shapiro, Henry Goodman & Frank Lombardi – Winter’s Challenges


Ellen Shapiro – Condominium Rules


Henry Goodman – Effective Board Meetings


Frank Lombardi – Insurance Coverage


Ellen Shapiro – Condominium Board Member Responsibility


Henry Goodman – Condominium Ownership – Be Advised!


Frank Lombardi – Condominium Lien Enforcement in Rhode Island


Ellen Shapiro – Condominium Lien Enforcement in Massachusetts


Henry Goodman – Potential Dangers Hiring Contractors

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