New England Condominium November 2013

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Q&A: Notice of Violation and Fines

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Common Errors in Assessment Collection: Issues with Interest, Fines, Enforcement

Common Errors in Assessment Collection: Issues with Interest, Fines, Enforcement

By Mary-Joy Howes, Esq.

One of the most common and debilitating issues for community associations is dealing with owners who fail to pay their condominium fees. Most associations have their own policies for dealing with assessment collections as it applies to late or otherwise recalcitrant unit owners. These policies, however, do not always comply with The Rhode Island Condominium Act, rendering them ultimately unenforceable. In my experience reviewing thousands of association ledgers over the years, I notice the same common errors being made. A few of those errors include improper calculation of interest, unenforceable fines, and selective enforcement.

How to address these issues is the subject of this article. Why is this so important?  Because failure to correctly pursue a delinquency under the statute can expose the association to liability in an area that otherwise provides a lot of protection.


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GSL’s WPRO Radio Debut!

The following GSL radio ads are played before and after the Real Estate Insiders show on WPRO NewsTalk 630AM/99.7FM, which airs on Sundays at 10AM EST.

The first spot plays during the pre-show commercial break, while the second spot plays during the 11AM news.



CLICK HERE to listen to the first 60-second spot.

CLICK HERE to listen to the second 60-second spot.



Thanks for listening!

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Condo Media November 2013

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