Flag Flap in Boston Condominium Unfurls High Emotions

EllenBy Ellen A. Shapiro, Esq.

As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, many people are thinking of ways to honor our country and how we stood up to terrorism, including the patriotic symbols displayed by millions to show America’s unified spirit.  Twelve years ago, banners, ribbons, and flags emerged on cars, windows, mail boxes, etc. to proudly display symbols of that spirit—a tradition that continues today.

Unfortunately, back in 2001 many community associations were unprepared to deal with the outpouring of support by their members.  The governing documents of most associations contained architectural integrity clauses designed to preserve the uniform appearance of the condominium’s exterior by prohibiting the installation of signs, banners, and flags to the exterior of units or in common areas; they also prohibited the display of any “decoration” on a window that could be viewed from outside the unit.  Conflicts and confusion arose between the boards that were obligated to enforce the governing documents and the residents who wanted to demonstrate their patriotism. (more…)

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