Trade Show Updates

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Hot Topics, Cool Solutions event on December 6th such a success! Nearly 100 association members and property managers gathered at the Via Roma restaurant in Providence, RI, for an evening of food, fun, and insight. In addition to GSL Principals Hank Goodman, Ellen Shapiro, and Frank Lombardi, who addressed discrimination and collection issues, Dan Rhys, Vice President of Savings Institute Bank & Trust, spoke about association loans for capital projects. (more…)

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It doesn’t pay to repair a condominium on the cheap!

By Henry A. Goodman, Esq.

A pipe breaks. A plumber tells you it can be welded and may hold for a few years.  He says it will cost $250 but notes that the pipe is worn and could spring a leak in another area at any time.   He also says that if you replace the pipe for $750, it will last for 20 years, and he’ll give you a warranty for 10 years.

You decide to go for the less expensive repair, and the pipe leaks again a year later.  Are you negligent?

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