Need a Loan? You Can Bank on This!

By Henry A. Goodman, Esq.

We at GSL understand how important it is for many associations to secure loans. They need loans to help them make much-needed repairs for their aging buildings and facilities. In addition, loans can help associations save money during these difficult economic times. Key to finding the best loan, however, is doing business with the best banks.

Accordingly, we thought it would be helpful to let you know of banks with which our law practice has developed good working relationships through the years. Such banks allow us to represent both our clients’ interests and the banks’ and write the loan-closing documents, provided a waiver of any conflict is signed. 

Each of the following banks has worked with our office in such a fashion:

Today, each of these banks is offering loans to condominium associations at excellent rates.

Writing the Right Loan
When we write the loan documents, we can pass along big savings to our clients. The advantage to the association is that it will only be charged one legal fee because the expense of different counsel for the bank and the association is eliminated.

So, if you’re seeking a loan, we suggest that you contact one of these banks and let them know that, since we are your counsel, you would like us to represent both the association and the bank for the loan. It is as simple as that!

At GSL, we can help identify “win-win” situations such as this. For more information, contact us here!