Domestic Disputes

Our Massachusetts and Rhode Island divorce lawyers know that a “typical” divorce does not exist. Each divorce is different, because the facts of each case are different. We approach each divorce case with a fresh perspective, listening to our clients with care, and helping them identify the real issues that have led them to our office. We work with mediators, when appropriate, to resolve disagreements about matters such as custody, support, and division of assets. We also will litigate any issue that arises, if other methods are unsuccessful. We do what it takes to provide clients with the best outcome possible in their particular circumstances. For a compassionate and experienced divorce lawyer, contact the law office of Goodman, Shapiro & Lombardi.

Divorce Law Services

Our Massachusetts and Rhode Island divorce lawyers provide comprehensive legal services for all matters related to divorce, including:

  • divorce litigation
  • domestic disputes
  • child custody disputes (physical & legal)
  • spousal support /alimony maintenance
  • child support issues
  • marital property division disputes
  • legal separation agreements
  • visitation / parenting plans

Modification of Orders

We draft petitions to request modification of any court-mandated agreement regarding custody, visitation, and support. For example, if an ex-spouse moves from the area because of a new job, he or she might need to petition to modify a visitation agreement. If an ex-spouse loses his or her job, a modification of a child support order might be necessary. Alternatively, if additional assets appear after a property settlement is finalized; a modification of order will be needed to have the assets recalculated.

Contempt of Court Proceedings

We will file the documents required to begin contempt proceedings when an ex-spouse fails to abide by a court order. For example, if required child support is not paid, a contempt order can be instituted to enforce compliance. Most issues that arise during divorce proceedings are enforceable by a contempt order, including custody, visitation, support, and property division.