Condo Counsel

Embracing Technology: Insights from the CAI’s Law Seminar

By Merle Hass

It’s hard to beat Palm Springs in the winter.  And it was especially sweet as I joined my GSL colleagues and fellow attorneys at the Ranchos Las Palmas Resort, from January 26-28th, for the Community Association Institute’s annual Law Seminar.  Indeed, I learned something important from every lecture and session I attended—and I thought it would be helpful to share key insights and caveats with you. (more…)

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It doesn’t pay to repair a condominium on the cheap!

By Henry A. Goodman, Esq.

A pipe breaks. A plumber tells you it can be welded and may hold for a few years.  He says it will cost $250 but notes that the pipe is worn and could spring a leak in another area at any time.   He also says that if you replace the pipe for $750, it will last for 20 years, and he’ll give you a warranty for 10 years.

You decide to go for the less expensive repair, and the pipe leaks again a year later.  Are you negligent?

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